There is a fire, hidden inside
layers of bone and flesh.
Dancing to the sound of silence
Encompassed like the core of the sun
A flame so different;
Yet, alight in all of us.
Destroy or create
Life or death
It Fuels you or you become the fuel
But this flame does not need you to burn
This is the flame kindled at the heart of the universe.
It is eternal , burning on the strings that weave the very fabric of reality itself .
It precedes you and will keep dancing
Even after the corporeal has gone cold.

Leaves on a River

We are all nothing

But leaves in our own rivers.


On different trees

On different banks.


Until the wind blows us down

Into the wild rapids below.


Tumbling and turning !

Yet unsinkable, we float on.


Sometimes slow and calm

Until into the depths of a fall or two we go.


We rise back up crumpled and torn,

Yet unsinkable, we float on


Into the mouth of the river

Where a sense of tranquility

Greets us along with the sinking sun.

Passion Fruit

What is it ?
In a world where
Love and lust is one
There is no clear definition

A taboo ? A marketing technique ?
A business ? The devil’s deed ?
How has such a sacred act;
The merging of two souls
To create a third

Gotten so tainted
by the likes of our filthy minds
Let us accept that it is only natural

It is time to return it to the pedestal
And change the way we think,
For it is not to make lust but to make Love

The Primordial Ocean

Cosmos, the Ocean of Oceans
Where everything and nothing;
Known and unknown
Exists in divine unison.

It is chaos, it is order,
Forever in motion;
Tranquil as ever
Where birth and death is one.

When will we realize?
We are all but one;
Fire and water
Sun and moon.

Like two children
Born of the same mother
What may seem so different
May not be as different as we think

The cosmic yogi;
The poison he contains
In his blue throat
Is not separate but one.

For you are the universe
As much as the universe is you;
Know thyself
and you shall know the universe.